THC-O: What People Say

Want to Feel Like Mary Poppins?

THC-O is the cannabinoid that will make you feel like you're floating away. If you ever wanted to know what it's like to be Mary Poppins, THC-O is a must-try!

New on the block, THC-O is currently a legal cannabinoid derived from hemp that is actually three times stronger than the THC we all know and love! AND – it's available now at Gräs locations!!!

Here is how Reddit users describe their experience with THC-O

"When I first hit, nothing happened, and then about 20 min later, it hit me... omg, I was literally floating!! Needless to say, I just put another order in Highly recommended "

"I mixed THC-O with Delta 8 and experienced a 20-minute slow climb. There were very strong cerebral effects but with anti-anxiety inducing properties of Delta 8 present. This is something that I enjoy."

"I felt the effects in about 10 minutes. I experienced a slight Adderall high and a warm feeling radiating through my entire body. It's very soothing."

"I'm new to THC-O and just got it today. I like it. I feel energized. I've been doing happy, focused cleaning and giggling at things. Very pleasant."

"Another aspect of the effect was lack of inhibition, feeling a greater sense of freedom, more accepting, of self and everything."

"I felt pretty introspective and a bit euphoric, able to face my anxiety and let go. I was a new man for a few days after but very laid back and chill."

"I enjoyed the introspective aspect and the increased ability to accept mental discomfort, also the analytical part of the experience. And finally, the weight gets lifted off your shoulders, and you experience acceptance of things for the next few days. I think this may have some potential for therapeutic use."

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